Help us electrifying the boating industry

Do you want to make a clean switch? The electrification of the boating industry is in full swing and we are determined to play an essential role in this development. And in doing that, WaterWorld is looking for colleagues who also want to commit to this.

Take a look at the vacancies below.

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Our jobs

R&D Engineer

We are looking for an engineer who will help us develop electrical products for the maritime industry and contribute to the electrification of boats worldwide.

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Sales manager

We are looking for a sales manager who is enthusiastic about innovative products. Someone who has a lot of knowledge of the maritime industry and who wants to make a nice contribution to it.

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Business Development intern

We are looking for an intern who will support our management in developing the international market and realizing our growth ambitions and plans.

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Do you want to know more about our engines or are you interested in noiseless sailing without worries? Then contact us! We are happy to tell you about all the possibilities that our engines offer you.
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